Occasions at Sejal Cakes

Sejal cakes are an online venture that delivers goodies such as cakes, flower bunches and bouquets and chocolates to not only the neighborhood but also to individuals all over Jaipur. We are a Jaipur based business and spread happiness in the form of gifts and surprises from individuals to their loved ones on different occasions. We cater to different needs on different occasions.

We specialize in cakes and chocolates and get special customized bunches of flowers made for our clients and their family and friends. The different Occasions we cater to are not only on Birthday or Anniversary. We also make customized presents for occasions where you would love to propose Congratulations to someone, or get one a House Warming present and further deliver them. We also take care of the Love & Romance of your life. We make your dates more special and memorable with our gifts. We play a vital role in conveying one feeling to their special loved one or spouse who you are staying far away from, outside Jaipur. We make Jaipur a pinker city than it already is with the love we spread through our beautifully arranged flowers, customized cakes and scrumptious chocolates. Even people can send flowers to Jaipur through us.

Customized gifts are not always just meant for celebratory purposes. They also depict simple and genuine feelings such as being Sorry or a Thank You. A beautiful bouquet arranged appropriately for the occasion might just do the work. When we stand at the door steps of the intended person and deliver the gift with a smile on our faces, it might just melt them and they will accept your sorry or thank you with an open heart. Sejal Cakes through its cake delivery in jaipur are made to make your life easier and keeping you in the loving environment of your loved ones though you are staying far away from them in a different city or country all together

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